We are a vancouver-based economics consulting Firm,

established in 1998.

Jamie Vann Struth, Principal


Jamie Vann Struth, MA (Economics) is company principal and lead  consulting economist.

The majority of Jamie's career has been focused on economic development at the local and regional level. He has provided a wide range of economic analysis and strategic planning services in support of community ambitions and specific development projects.

Project experience includes:

Local economic development. Economic development strategies, identifying investment opportunities, analyzing local trends and competitive position.

Economic impact analysis. Employment, economic output, labour income, and tax revenue estimates from projects.

Municipal financial analysis. Fiscal impacts of development projects and policies, annexation studies, financial sustainability analysis, budget forecasting, property tax strategies.

Population, housing, and employment forecasting. Growth and development studies, featuring regional economic modeling based on linkages between employment, demographics and migration, with the resulting housing and employment land demand.


Land economics and development consulting. Modeling alternative development scenarios, project feasibility, retail and employment impacts.

Market research. Survey design, execution, and analysis.

Facilitation and consultation. Strategic planning workshops and focus group design and execution.

Education and public speaking. Professional development educator and occasional college instructor in research tools, economic development performance measurement, and working with spreadsheets.

Jamie is a member of:

  • Canadian Association of Business Economists (CABE)
  • Association of Professional Economists of British Columbia (APEBC)
  • British Columbia Economic Development Association(BCEDA)